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April 2021 Meeting Minutes

Published on May 06, 2021

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held online on 28 Apr 2021

The meeting opened at 5pm.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (North) Jacqui Munns.

2. Previous Minutes

Minutes for March were accepted and approved NM, seconded EN.
Matters arising – In the last meeting minutes Devon Congress entries were reported as 57 (Pairs) and 27 (Teams). Due to the sudden increase in entries in the final week to 116 and 40 respectively the DBA committee agreed to award prizes to the top 4 pairs and top 3 teams.Thanks given to Ruth E for arranging payments online.

3. Section Reports

South Section

  • The South bank account has been transferred to the DBA central account.
  • TT is retiring as South chairman following their AGM announced as 24 May.
  • The only event under consideration is South section League, needing an organizer, director, cashier.
  • Winter Pairs – DD has expressed an interest in running on behalf of the county. TT included notes on setup. On reflection, starting it online is a strong possibility.
  • South unable to run DAA Pairs (as it has done in the past).

North Section

  • The North AGM is to be held on the 9th June.
  • Elizabeth Nunn is sadly stepping down from being chair of North Devon.

East Section

  • Meeting arranged in Exeter in third week in May to discuss the pros and cons of returning to f2f bridge. Some clubs may choose to play in the afternoon and online in the evening.    

4. Online Sub-Committee

The previous online-bridge meeting minutes were distributed to the committee including:

  • Wednesday DBA vPairs continue with current charges and invoicing till16/6/21 at least.
  • Western League completed 17th April. Congratulations to winners Devon B1 and all other 9 teams that were competitively placed. Format for 21-22 season to be decided in next planning meeting. Continuing to run online would save on travel and expenses.
  • Devon congress successfully run on RealBridge. Late surge in entries enabled both prizes to be paid and a profit made similar to the 2019 congress

5. Competitions

  • Entries for the Devon Congress were 116 Swiss Pairs and 40 Swiss Teams.
  • Garden Cities team has been entered for Regional Final on Sat 8th May.
  • Pachabo team on 12-13 June will be the winners of the Devon Teams K/O; S Lindfors, J Grant, W Solomon, A Maddocks.

6. Inter-County Teams

Thank you JM for offering to attend Western League planning meeting in May. To ask if matches can continue to be played online and whether Devon can enter 2 teams for each league (A,B and C).

7. Charity Sims Events going forward

DBA would in future pay non-affiliated clubs their contribution to the EBU for Sims pairs.
GC to contact Jeremy C about directing and possibly coordinating Charity Sims events.

8. AGM

Following discussion at the online sub-committee meeting it is recommended to start the AGM on 11 July at 2pm followed by an online 24 board Teams event. Format to be confirmed at the next DBA meeting.

To be actioned:
Prior to the AGM the officers of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer need to be confirmed if they are available for re-election with a signed proposal form for each officer.
The committee to propose that P2P from April 2022 will remain at 4p; the club subscription will remain at zero and the Devon part of the direct membership be £3.

7. AOB


Meeting ended 6.10pm.

Next meetings

Date of next DBA meeting: Thursday 3 June 2021, 5pm
Next Online sub-committee meeting Thursday 27 May 4.30pm.