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Never Give Up - A Hand from the Tolle
by Peter Bowles

Contract 5club by South

  spade 10 9 6 5
heart Q 10 9
diamond 2
club K Q 8 6 5
spade Q J 4 3 2
heart 7 4 3
diamond A J 4
club J 3
  spade 8 7
heart A K 8 6 2
diamond 10 9 6 5
club 10 4
  spade A K
heart J 5
diamond K Q 8 7 3
club A 9 7 2

With three top losers this doesn't look good - never give up.

The four of hearts was lead to the King and I was delighted to see Q-10-9 of hearts in dummy, so played the Jack from my hand. The spade switch won by the Ace, then a trump to dummy followed by the two of diamonds to the five, Queen and Ace. Hold your breath time and West returned a Spade (phew!) - now I was able to ruff the diamonds good discarding dummy's hearts.

The opposing pair were in the winning team and they finished top of the Group D cross imp table.