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October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held on Wednesday 26 October 2016 at the Isca Centre.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

Present: Michael Hamon (Chairman), Terence Treeby (Hon Secretary), Ruth Edmondson (Hon Treasurer), Jean Harrison (East), Elizabeth Nunn, Neil Marsden (North), Ann Slee (Tournament Administrator).

1. Apologies: Jean Whitlam, Betty Golding (East), Paul Ainsworth, Geoff Clements (South).

2. Preamble.

2.1. The Hon Secretary informed the committee that he will not be standing for re-election at the 2017 AGM and is willing to stand down earlier if a replacement is found as he can no longer commit to the meeting and other deadline scheduling involved. He will consider his position with regard to the 2018 Congress, the duplimate and as EBU Shareholder at a later date. Committee thanked the Hon Sec for long standing invaluable service.
The Chairman reminded the committee that he also stands down at or before the next AGM.

2.2. A schedule entitled Annual Meeting cycle and regular business had been circulated earlier.

3. Minutes of meeting 12 July 2016. The minutes were accepted and signed as correct.

4. Matters arising.

4.1. Imminent affiliation of Spreyton, Noss Mayo or Twixt Moors (Winkleigh and Chulmleigh) seem unlikely.

4.2. (July 4.3.) Discussion deferred on possible future replacement of duplimate and county computer.

4.3. (July 4.4.) Michael Byrne has been approached with a view to a longer visit in early 2018 to include sessions for club players and possibly a separate visit for advanced players but has not yet replied.

4.4. (July 8.1.) In the matter of Plymouth Bridge Club running the Plymouth Congress or a club event aimed at less experienced players, the club has not replied to queries sent in June and did not reply to a request for support for a potential Really Easy Congress in 2016. Ros Morgan was thanked for her efforts in trying to make the event viable, but it had to be cancelled when the deadline for booking space at the hotel was reached.

4.5. (July 11.1.) It was agreed in principle to change the accounting year to end on 30 April, with the AGM in July and corresponding changes to the Constitution. This would take effect from the year 2017-18. A detailed proposal for submission to the 2017 AGM will be presented to the next meeting.

5. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Matters

5.1. The Treasurer’s report was circulated. In future all Western League expenses will be paid from central funds and all relevant P2P expenses will be reclaimed from sections. Current account balance £11,660, Scottish Widows £14,052. We had received £100 compensation from Lloyds account for unacceptable delays in transferring the mandate.

6. Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

6.1. It was confirmed that rules for 2016-17 competitions were as ratified in July 2016 with the final version of the calendar; in particular any requests under the “exceptional circumstances” clause for the Devon Club Teams of 8 should be made to the Chairman who would consider each individual case on merit.

6.2. Rules and conditions for all competitions will be reviewed at the next meeting in time for the 2017-18 calendar. Clubs and committee members will be asked to consider specific points in advance of the meeting including whether the rule Devon Club Teams of 8 is correct; teams of 8 in the Western League; and the Devon simultaneous pairs (the beneficiary is due for review about every 3 years to allow members to submit case(s) for alternatives with a county-wide appeal).

6.3. EBED advertised bridge lessons in the Daily Telegraph in August. Exeter BC had one phone call and it was thought that more localised advertising works better in Devon.

6.4. There were changes to the EBU Blue and White books from 1 August; the Secretary sent a summary of relevant bits to Devon clubs.

6.5. With help from Paul Ainsworth, Terence Treeby as membership secretary will be tidying up some loose ends such as players who have changed address but not changed county (inwards and outwards).

7. Section Reports

7.1.(North) An attempt to set up a hybrid North / Barnstaple BC league foundered on DBA and EBU regulations so there is no North section league this year. The new duplimate is up and running and the old one is being repaired as a backup. The Directors course will shortly be holding its assessment with all 10 candidates still present. The Swiss pairs is going well.

7.2. (East) A full league is running. Exeter BC held a heat of the EBU Really Easy Congress.

7.3. (West) Congress made a profit sufficient to cover section expenses. The committee supported re-booking the venue and rebranding the Really Easy part as No Fear. West league has 2 divisions of 4 and 3. There are still vacancies for West section committee representatives.

7.4. (South) South league has 14 teams (8 and 6). Monday DAA sims raised £728 from 155 pairs, a new record. Winter pairs has started,

8. Sub-committee Reports

8.1.Tournament Sub-Committee: Ann Slee, Terence Treeby, Treasurer (Ruth Edmondson).
There was a query as to whether we should be applying for licences for section leagues and WMN; referred to EBU who said NO – EBU League and Knockout software automatically charges P2P directly for all these. Ruth Edmondson has offered to take over the running of the calendar and has moved all events onto a Google calendar which can eventually be linked to members’ calendars.

8.2. Education Sub-Committee: Jean Harrison, Maureen Dalton. It was noted that Mike Gregory has offered help when available.
A report was tabled including a timetable for Andrew Robson’s visit. A decision on how much venues would pay to DBA was deferred. The sub-committee is working on an updated list of teachers in the county based on revised EBED information. Free-to-enter playing session, possibly flighted to allow a balance in playing standards was again deferred.

8.3. Selection Sub-Committee: Warner Solomon, Ruth Edmondson, Alison Pollok, Ann Slee (liaison). No report

8.4. Congress Sub-Committee: Marion Kelsey, Terence Treeby, Mike Kelsey, Treasurer (Ruth Edmondson); shadow for 2017 Michael Hamon.
Brochures and ebrochures sent out early in September; the first entries are in. Online entry now possible with details available for payment by bank transfer.

8.5. EBU Shareholders: Terence Treeby, Dick Andrews, Michael Hamon.
The EBU Board decided that it would not get the required majority to reform committees and have withdrawn the proposals. The Shareholders will arrange for one to attend the AGM on 23 Nov.

8.6. Technology sub-committee: Paul Ainsworth, Ruth Edmondson. No report

8.7. EBU Counties Working Group: vacant.

8.8. Conduct Sub-Committee: Steve Quinn, Maureen Baser, George Simnett, Keith Ponsford, David Clarke. No report

8.9. Disciplinary Sub-Committee: Michael Hamon, Howard Kent-Webster, Robin Barker, Paul Ainsworth, Ann Slee. No report

9. Any Other Business. None

10. Next meetings

10.1. The next meeting will be at the Isca Centre at 6.30 pm on Monday 6 March. Committee members and sub-committees are asked to send documents for circulation to the Hon Sec by 13 February at the latest.