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February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held at the Devon Hotel on 11 Feb 2019.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Present: (South) (Chair) G Clements,(Treasurer) R Edmondson, (Acting Secretary) D Dunn, (North) E Nunn, N Marsden, (East) J Harrison, J Barnes, T Barnes, (Western League) A Leslie

2. Apologies: None

3. Previous Minutes, Matters Arising

3.1 The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed as correct.

3.2 Matters arising. G. Clement to follow up by email regarding the matter of those interested in being shareholders.

4. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to add. See congress report.

5. Section Reports

5.1 North. North Devon Swiss Pairs continues. Getting an encouraging 14-16 tables bringing EBU clubs together. Two clubs Caen and Braunton are attracting more members. Roundswell is struggling but trying to bring in more members by setting up a beginners section.
The Filleigh event on 3rd Feb rose over £300 for charity. Thank you Neil for all the hours of work put in to organize.
North Section is running a Tournament Directing course starting in Bude. The contact for the course is Jacky Munns, teacher Jim Barker.

5.2. East. The John Woolcott Congress attracted three tables fewer this year than last year. The Eastern league had to rearrange a match night due to the snow. Maximum number of tables for Gypsy Hill is 24. Tim Barnes is standing down from Section chair so we are looking for a new person.

5.3. South. Winter Pairs is going well and southern league progressing.

5.4. West. West section recently held the Devon Heart Foundation charity event.

6. Western League

Andrew opened a discussion of the Western League match schedule, having sent the committee a document with details. The North Section felt if it's not broken don't fix it. They would have long journeys if matches were played at a central location in the Exeter area. However they agreed in using pool selection as used successfully for the A Team and for NGS to be used as a guide for C Team selection.
It was agreed in principle that:
a) For 2019-20 there be a pool of players for the "B" team from which players (in partnerships) for a match are to be selected; similarly for the "C" team.
b) Venues for home matches to be spread among the Sections, taking into account travel distances for the opposition whenever possible. Neutral venues (e.g. Woolavington) to be treated as "away" matches.
c) If there are to be eligibility requirements for a "C" team player they should be based on NGS only. Devon Admin to approach Western League organisers on this.
d) These arrangements to be reviewed before the 2020-21 season.
Thanks all who contributed towards the discussions. Further progress can be made after the annual W.L. meeting in May.

7. Congress Report

7.1 This year's Devon Congress will be held for the second time at the Torak Hotel on 29-31 March 2019. Entries are fewer than last year. Prizes for top places will remain the same.

8. Sponsorship

No clubs have applied for sponsorship. Those considering purchasing Tablets as an alternative to Bridgemates, please email Ruth with the details.
We received a letter of thanks for the DBA help in purchasing new computers for 3 clubs in East Section.

9. Education

The first Lauro Porro Workshop is to be held on 17th March at the Gipsy Hill Hotel. Laura is also touring clubs 18-20 March doing two seminars a day, details are on the website. The advanced sessions are for regular competition-level partnerships. There will be a 20/22 board duplicate followed by bidding analysis with handouts and audience participation. To book a place email Maureen Dalton [email protected]

10. AOB

Date for AGM – 14th July 2019.
Thank you to all attending the meeting.

11. Date of Next meeting Wednesday 22 May 2019 6pm at Devon Hotel, EX2 8XU