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AGM 2019

11 a.m. on Sunday 14 July 2019 at Gipsy Hill Hotel

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next AGM.

1. Present:
G.Clements (Chairman), R.Edmondson (Treasurer), T.Treeby (taking minutes) and about 29 others.
Apologies : J. and T.Barnes, E.Davies, D.Dunn, J.Grant, M.Hamon.

2. Minutes
of 2018 AGM were accepted after 3 small corrections.
(copy has been on website plus copies available on the day).

3. Matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report
The 2019 Congress had slightly fewer numbers but excellent feedback. The A team won the Western League. The DBA should focus on grants to clubs for teachers as clubs with teaching programmes are flourishing and those without are not.

5. Presentation of prizes

Victor Ludorum (Kevin and Ann Slee Trophy) : M Walsh
Devon Pairs (Julia Chadwick) : A.Pollok, B.Wormald
Devon Teams (Western Morning News): H. and S.Anoyrkatis, G. and J. Fawcett
The Devon Teams Plate : A.Slee, R.Lingham, R.Edmondson, B.McElroy
Cutty Sark (AGM teams) presented later to R.Lingham, V Mably, C Hamon and B Smale

6.Treasurer’s Report
The accounts were accepted (proposed T.Treeby, seconded M.Walsh).

7. Election of of Chairman, vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
Geoff Clements was the only nominee as Chairman (proposed by T. Treeby, seconded by D. Dunn) and was re-elected.
Douglas Dunn was the only nominee as Hon. Secretary (proposed by T. Treeby, seconded by G Clements) and was elected.
There were no nominees for vice-Chairman or Treasurer (Ruth Edmondson is standing down). It was noted that the committee can fill these vacancies by co-opting any volunteers. R.Edmondson agreed to act as bookkeeper / cashier in conjunction with a co-opted Treasurer. Formally splitting or redefining the roles would require a change to the Constitution; the committee would consider any proposal at a future meeting.
M.Walsh offered to take Congress entries. T.Treeby offered to take competition entries for a maximum of 12 months.

8. The committee motion that P2P from April 2020 will remain unchanged at 4p; the club subscription will remain at zero and the Devon part of direct membership remains at £3 was accepted.

9. No other proposals.

10. Any other business
A.Leslie gave a presentation on the revised arrangements for the Western League 2019-20. The main changes are to have pools of players for the B and C teams, so that we have teams of a Devon identity. Each Section is charged with finding players in their area who wish to play for Devon under these new arrangements. Suggestions made at the AGM will be considered with the Committee due to finalise the arrangements shortly. The scheme will be reviewed after 12 months.

The meeting closed at 11.43am.