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June 2020 Zoom Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held via Zoom on 3 June 2020.

The meeting opened at 6pm.

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next meeting.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (East) Jean Harrison; (Western League) Andrew Leslie, Ruth Edmondson, Betty Golding, Ian Guy, Ann Husk, Michael Hamon.

2. Apologies: (South) Warner Solomon, Stefan Lindfors.

3. Previous Minutes, Matters Arising

No matters arising. The last minutes were agreed and accepted.

4. Section Reports

4.1 North.
The North Devon Congress held at the end of February was once again a great success due to the organisers Carol Ritzen, Richard Carter and Carolyn Page. Since shutdown two members have been hard at work setting up online clubs. Sally Anoyrkatis continuing to help beginners and setting up teams events on Thursdays. Jacqui Munns starting online pairs on Wednesdays. Fees have been collected for these events.
Regarding elections Neil Marsden is continuing as treasurer and Elizabeth Nunn continues as Chairman for year 20/21. Jacqui Munns has come forward for the Vice Chairman position.

4.2. East.
Online competitions have been running since the start of lockdown including international matches.
Malcolm Boyak has been successful with online play and teaching for non-EBU members and with the mid Devon league.
Exeter league hasn’t finished.
Ian Guy has been signed off as virtual director. He has created a user guide for online Directors and offers support for those wishing to set up online events.

4.3. South.
The Winter Pairs finished one month early with the March ladder taken as the final result. The Devon Teams (Western Morning News) and Plate remain unfinished. One main semi-final and the final, and the Plate final remain to be played. The South Section league has 2 matches to play. It is intended to play these when face to face play restarts.
In his report Terence T reminded us that he needs to be replaced as (Acting) Tournament Organiser by 30 Sep 2020 at the latest.

5. AGM Preparations

In Terence T’s headline report he recommends the following for the AGM:
1. Usual Swiss teams following face to face meeting.
2. Online match-pointed pairs following virtual meeting.

Following a discussion the majority were in favour of holding an online AGM on 12th July. The committee agreed to purchase the Zoom Pro version for July at cost of £11.99 plus VAT, allowing 24 hour duration meetings. Hopefully not needed for that long! (DD to action).

A question raised in Terence T’s report on how to notify members without email addresses of the AGM was not fully addressed. DD to arrange a way, in keeping with the Constitution, that does not incur high cost of postage.

6. Tournaments

The committee acknowledges East Devon for the skills they have shown in setting up online bridge matches. In TT’s report he recommends the county sets up a virtual EBU club on BBO for competitions it wishes to run (even if not used). Ruth asked if online Green Pointed events could be created.

Devon clubs offering regular online sessions are:
Monday - 1pm Plymouth, 3pm Kingsbridge, 6.45pm Exeter
Tuesday – 3pm Torquay, 7.15pm Plymouth, 1pm Ottery
Wednesday – 2pm North Devon
Thursday – 1pm Plymouth, 1pm Ottery, 7.15pm Plymouth, North Devon League
Friday – Plymouth 7.15pm
Plus Exeter league with choice of times.
Thank you again Ian Guy for offering to support clubs wishing to set up and run online duplicates.

7. County League

Thanks were given to the new Selectors and new system set up by Andrew L. Betty G said the system was working well and is more open and transparent allowing new people to represent the county. Also the Selectors could shape teams based on local knowledge.
Regarding selection pools it was felt that there shouldn’t be a limit of 30 (or any number) of players to choose from for the B and C county teams.

8. Any Other Business None

9. Date of Next meeting

To be arranged. If an online AGM is confirmed then a pre-AGM online meeting should be arranged for the week before. I suggest Wed 8 July, 6pm.

Thank you all for attending our first online committee meeting!