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AGM 2020

11 a.m. on Sunday 12 July 2020 via Zoom conferencing

Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next AGM.

1. Present:
G.Clements (Chairman), D. Dunn (Secretary), R. Edmondson (Bookkeeper and website), T.Treeby (Acting Tournament Organiser) and 12 others.
Apologies : C. Hamon, S. Raffert, L. Raffert, K Richardson.

2. Minutes
The 2019 AGM were accepted, proposed by E. Nunn, seconded by A. Leslie.
Copies are available on the Devon Bridge Association website.

3. Matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report
Due to Covid-19 many of the 2019/2020 completions have been curtailed. The John Woolcott was held in January 2020, thanks to Exeter Bridge Club for putting on this event at short notice. See Presentations for the event winners.

The Air Ambulance was cancelled from April. I want to thank everyone who took part in the simultaneous pairs events and especially Paul Ainsworth for arranging the events. Paul invited many members of non-affiliated clubs to attend and organized all the dealt hands and the commentaries.

The South Section Winter Pairs played up until March before lockdown and only missed the April session. The pair with the highest 4 session average was taken as the winners.

The Western Morning News Devon Teams played one of its semi-finals and it may be possible to play the final two matches if bridge returns to normal in the near future.

The Devon Congress, the county's main fund-raising event was cancelled. The cost was about £500 mainly from printing. We thank Mike Walsh for collecting all the entrance money and then arranging refunds.

Other competitions for the rest of this year are currently cancelled including the Western League.

Thanks are given to Ruth Edmondson who has been keeping the accounts, having retired from her role as DBA Treasurer last year.

It has been agreed to carry out committee meetings online while not able to meet face-to-face.

The committee is very much in favour of online bridge. There are now many clubs providing online pairs events. There are drawbacks to playing online but I urge you not to let that put you off. The DBA is making efforts to have its own online competitions.

The DBA can help clubs with funds for equipment and teaching. Regarding young or new members to bridge we advise everyone to welcome and help them as much as possible.

Finally, when will we be back playing bridge? No-one knows.

Comments about Chairman's report

Doug Dunn asked in response if we could co-opt an online bridge sub-committee for arranging online competitions. Those interested please contact him by phone or email. Names of people interested or mentioned were Nigel Richardson, Jacqui Munns and Ian Guy. Jacqui asked to expand the scope to include all things online in Devon bridge.

Jean Harrison said there is a list of online directors and T. Treeby asked if the list could be emailed to him.

Andrew Leslie stressed it has to be more than a good idea and takes organizing. We need to make use of the expertise that has arisen over the last few months.

5. Presentation of prizes

While presentations were not possible online here are competition winners for 2019 to 2020.

John Woolcott: Pairs final: Richard Feetenby & Hilary Anthony
Pairs final Consolation joint winners: Lin Waddingfton & Elizabeth Timbrell and Ann Slee & Alison Pollock, Swiss Teams: Mike Orriel & Peter Bowels, Ian Walsh & Stefan Lindfors

North Devon Congress: Swiss Pairs: Mike Bull & Graham Horscroft, Swiss Teams: Simon Richards & Debbie Richards, David S Jones & Jan Duncan

Plymouth Congress: Pairs A: Ian Walsh & Stefan Lindfors, Pairs B: Betty Golding & Margaret Mardlin, Swiss Teams: Warner Solomon & Rob Lawy, Alex Maddox & Jim Grant

Devon Pairs (Julia Chadwick): Brigid McElroy & Ruth Edmondson

Winter Pairs: Dave Strawbridge & Douglas Dunn

AGM Pairs 2020: George Delafield & Bill Luscombe

6. Treasurer’s Report
Ruth Edmondson is to continue with keeping of the accounts, and said this is a good time for a member to consider taking on the role of Treasurer.

Accounts:  DBA | East | South | North | West | Sim Pairs

The accounts were accepted (proposed N. Marsden, seconded J. Harrison)

7. Election of of Chairman, vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
Geoff Clements was the only nominee as Chairman (proposed by J. Harrison, seconded by M. Walsh) and was re-elected.
Doug Dunn was the only nominee as Hon. Secretary (proposed by M. Walsh, seconded by A. Leslie) and was elected.
There were no nominees for vice-Chairman or Treasurer.
R. Edmondson agreed to continue to be bookkeeper / cashier.

8. The committee motion that P2P from April 2020 will remain unchanged at 4p; the club subscription will remain at zero and the Devon part of direct membership remains at £3 was accepted.

9. No other proposals

10. Any other business
There were several points raised around the possibility of face-to-face bridge. Joe Fawcett mentioned the Mutton Cup in Spain as one of the few live events running with plexi-glass screens and players' own sets of cards and bidding boxes. It is quite expensive and labour intensive to run.

T. Treeby made the point that there would be the possible need for hand sanitation and of table screens. He asked if the county would offer to offer clubs help with funding sanitation equipment especially for those not opening because of the costs involved.

Geoff thanked everyone for attending the meeting and T Treeby for setting up and directing the AGM Pairs scheduled to start at 1.15pm.   

The meeting closed at 11.49am.