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August 2020 Meeting Minutes

Published on Sep 03, 2020

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held online via Zoom on 26 Aug 2020.

The meeting opened at 5pm.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (East) Jean Harrison; (Western League) Andrew Leslie, (online sub-committee) Jacqui Munns.

2. Apologies: Dave Strawbridge.

3. Previous Minutes

(Post-AGM meeting). There are matters arising which will be addressed in AOB. Minutes approved.

4. Section Reports

South section report was written by TT and circulated to the committee.
No other reports while clubs are closed.

5. Inter-County Teams

Proposal for Devon to proceed with arrangements for on-line Inter-county friendly matches. Admin's provisional arrangements update circulated by AL). It was mentioned that we now have 3 selectors rather than 4. Thank you JH for offering to approach others to find a possible replacement.

We have 6 matches lined up as per the provisional documents circulated prior to the meeting.

JH to start creating a list for D team county players (NGS grade 10 and below).
DD to circulate to clubs to contact AL if interested in inter-county matches.

5. Online Sub-Committee

Thanks given to JM for creating an online bridge sub-committee. The first meeting will be on 9 September at 5pm. Outcomes will be fed back to DBA committee at monthly meetings.  Thanks given to NM for his report - Devon online bridge developments which was circulated to committee and selectors.

Platforms in addition to BBO
JM said that Exeter BC and Cullompton BC were trialling a Real (Live) Bridge platform where you experience being at a bridge table seeing and being able to talk to the players.
EBU's Stepbridge was mentioned.  JH has now sent a link to the committee to find out more about Stepbridge.

Online Director training
JM joined Malcolm Boyack's training session via Zoom. He said more helpers for online directors are needed. To attend training it is preferable not to be playing at the  same time.

Online bridge training
To help with arranging JH is to send a list of EBU teachers to JM.
GC said personal 1:1 help is best way for those not familiar with using computers. 

7. Any Other Business

We discussed the following points that TT asked us to address in the previous committee meeting.
(1) Are the proposed revisions to the rules approved?
(2) Who replaces me as Tournament Secretary?
(3) Confirm provisional dates for face to face bridge as listed
(4) Set entry fees for Devon Teams, Devon Pairs, Devon Club Teams of 8 on the assumption they will go ahead.

NM requested DD to send revisions of rulebook to the committee for approval.

It was agreed that while there is no one forthcoming as a replacement Tournament Secretarythe duties are changing. It is very helpful that TT is on the online bridge sub-committee and attending the start of the next meeting on 9 September.


Meeting ended 6pm.

Thank you all for keeping discussions brief and purposeful.

9. Date of Next meeting

23 September 2020, 5pm