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DVBC run 20-board pairs games on RealBridge every week for £2. Most weeks will be normal pairs events with county (double) masterpoints. Exceptions will include 24-board Charity events for Devon Air Ambulance (£5 entry fee) and EBU Sim Pairs events (£5 entry fee).

Devon pairs events on Wednesdays are primarily for Devon members but we will accept EBU members from other counties. Charity events will also accept non-members of the EBU.


When you login for the first time please enter your name (Forename & Surname) and (in the ID Number field) your EBU Number (if you have one). This takes you to the lobby where you will see names of players in the lobby, and a table layout. Click on SIT at a table to sit there (opposite your partner if they got there first!)

For more details on RealBridge in Devon RealBridge. For what happens at the table, go to RealBridge website https://realbridge.online/player-guide.html for player guide. Also click FAQs to check if your device is ok. Testing: Please use the link https://play.realbridge.online/camera.html to test your camera and microphone.