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The Devon Knock-Out Teams of Four Championship for the Western Morning News Trophy 2023-24

The Devon Teams of Four Championship for the Western Morning News Trophy 2023/24

This competition has now been completed. The group winners were Warner Solomon's teams and Richard Lingham's team and the final was won by Warner's team. Unfortunately, Warner's team is unable to put forward a team for the EBU’s Pachabo Cup on the weekend of June 8–9, 2024, and so Devon will be represented by the runners up team, captained by Richard Lingham.

The competing teams and all the results are shown below.

The Teams

Group 1 Teams (Captains in Bold) Brent Wormald (BW), Alison Pollok, Carmen Ruiz-Castell, David Southcombe Warner Solomon (WS), Alex Maddocks, Stefan Lindfors, Jim Grant, Jacek Pietrzycki Nigel Wain (NW), Doug Dunn, Ian Dalrymple, Norman Botton
Group 2 Team Captains in Bold) Stephen Rafferty (SR), Richard Watkins, Linda Rafferty & Neil Marsden Richard Lingham (RL), Ann Slee, Ruth Edmondson, Brigid McElroy Paul Hide (PH), Les Ellis, Julie Rotchell, Roger Gowland

The Results

Group 1

  BW WS NW Wins Imps
Brent Wormald   20 26 0 46
Warner Solomon 68   75 2  143
Nigel Wain 62 38   1  100

Group 2

  SR RL PH Wins Imps
Stephen Rafferty   61 30 91 
Richard Lingham 64   64 128 
Paul Hide 61 47   1 108

The Final

The winners of Group 1 - Warner's team - and the winners of Group 2 - Richard's team went head-to-head with Warner's team winning by 46 IMPs. Unfortunately, Warner's team are unable to make up a team of four for the Pachabo Cup and so Richard's runners up team will represent Devon in this competition.

The EBU Pachabo Cup

It is a condition of entry that the winning team, or the runners-up, will represent the County in the EBU’s Pachabo Cup (The Inter-Counties Teams of Four event) on the weekend of June 8–9, 2024 on RealBridge. The entry will be made by the DBA on behalf of the team, and the DBA will also pay the entry fees.

The Holders

2023 Winners: Richard Lingham, Ann Slee, Brigid McElroy, Ruth Edmondson.

2023 winners