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February 2021 Meeting Minutes

Published on Mar 04, 2021

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held online via Zoom on 24 February 2021.

The meeting opened at 5pm.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (East) Jean Harrison; (online sub-committee) Jacqui Munns.

2. Previous Minutes

Minutes were accepted. Approved NM, seconded EN.

Matters arising – DD The previous minutes stated that the entry fee for the Devon Congress would be set as £15 per person. After reviewing the fees for other county congresses the entry was reduced to £12.50 per person for pairs and teams.

NM – regarding updating the DBA website, said there are still gaps on the Contact List to fill for the Tournament sub-committee and competitions sub-committee.

3. Section Reports

North Section – The North Devon Congress has attracted more entries than usual (80 pairs and 38 teams). One of the advantages of online play in not being restricted by hotel room size! JM will allocate BBO$ prizes to A,B,C pairs and Teams finals.
On 17th March there will be a Pairs Sims in aid of Cancer Research.
EN – Not happy that the new Wed afternoon Exeter pairs overlaps with the North Devon duplicate. Though unfortunate, hopefully it won’t affect too many members. 

East Section JH – Friday afternoon pairs is proving to be very popular (27 tables+) successfully promoting the RealBridge platform. The Exeter League now offers a choice of BBO or RealBridge.
Online lessons are now underway on Tuesday and Thursday mornings using the Shark Bridge platform. DD - Thanks to the teachers Jean Harrison and Maureen Dalton.

South Section – Report by T Treeby stated that after lockdown ends the south section funds will be transferred to the central account. Attempts will be made to recruit volunteers to run the South League 2021-22. The DBA may have to consider disbanding the south section or running centrally. Newton Abbot are successfully running online sessions. GC expressed concern that Torquay BC are unable to raise funds before returning to face-to-face play  

4. Online Sub-Committee

The previous online-bridge meeting included discussion around setting up all the upcoming competitions including the Devon Congress, AGM Pairs, Pachabo and Garden Cities regional finals.

In preparation for returning to face-to-face bridge Neil and Jacqui are creating a discussion document and session in March.  This will be useful with bridge going into a ‘mixed economy’.

5. Competitions

- In the Devon Pairs there were only 11 tables. The top 4 have been invited to play at the Corwen on 5-6 June, probably online.
- The Garden Cities team representing Devon will be the R Lingam & A Slee, V Mably & G Hoare, J & G Fawcett, N & K Richardson.
- Pachabo team will be winners of the Devon Teams final (in progress).

6. Inter-County Teams

3 rounds have now been played of the Spring Teams inter-county matches using RealBridge over 2 sessions. Thanks again to Jacqui for organizing the teams representing Devon. DD observed technical computer issues when clicking Undo. Will raise at next online meeting to try and resolve.
Next to prepare for is the new season of inter-county matches in May.

7. Universal Membership Subscription

UMS is the part (4p per person) of the Pay to Play subscription (44p) paid to the County. The committee discussed whether to it would be helpful to forego the UMS payment by clubs during lockdown. As this is one of the few income streams for the county and being a relatively small amount it was decided not to stop this payment.

7. AOB

Regarding a question from a member about the cancellation of the Devon Team Plate – As no bridge had taken place there is no winning team for this competition.

Meeting ended 6.05pm.

Next meetings

Date of next DBA meeting: Wed 31 March 2021, 5pm
Date of next online bridge sub-committee meeting: Thurs 4 Mar 2021, 5pm