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Western League 2021

Spring Competition Teams of Four

The matches will take place on the following Saturdays:
16 January 2021 - Teams
20 February 2021
13 March 2021
17 April 2021

All matches start at 2pm and two matches will be played over 12 boards each on RealBridge.

Director: Sarah Amos - [email protected]
Results: Main | Secondary

For each match, team captains will be notified of join-up instructions from Jacqui Munns.

Main Competition

In each division A, B & C there are 8 teams. One each from 6 counties and two from Devon

Second Competition

In the B division there are 8 teams. Devon has entered 3
In the C division there are 8 teams, Devon has entered 2

Section Contacts

Section Contact Email
North Neil Marsden [email protected]
South Terence Treeby [email protected]
East Jean Harrison [email protected]
West Michael Hamon [email protected]

16 January 2021 - Rounds 1 and 2

Main Competition


A1 Jim Grant & Stefan Lindfors, Peter Wood & Willie Hamilton
A2 Gillian & Joe Fawcett, Alex Maddocks & Warner Solomon

B1 Brent Wormald & Alison Pollok, Carmen Ruiz-Castell & David Southcombe
B2 Douglas Dunn & Peter Bowles, George Triantafyllidis & Andrew Leslie

C1 Paul Hide & Stephen Rafferty, Julie Rotchell & Michael Dixon.
C2 Neil Marsden & Linda Rafferty, Mary Emmings-francis & Stephen Emmings-Francis

Secondary Competition


B3 Terence Treeby & David Strawbridge, Norman botton & Ian Dalrymple
B4 Richard Lingham & Ann Slee, Graham Hoare & Vivienne Mably
B5 Carol Ritzen & Richard Watkins, Peter Cresswell & Roger Raynor Gowland

C3 Clare Hamon & David Hamon, Margaret Flanagan & Maureen Baser
C4 Liz Timbrell & Lin waddington, Pam Rice & Heather Binding

A2 are lying third, B1 first, B3 second, C4 first and C5 second in their respective divisions.