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Andrew Leslie has been working hard to organise the Western League Counties into playing a series of friendly matches against each other on BBO.

Would you like to play for Devon?

If you and your partner would like to take part, please email Andrew ([email protected]).


The format is still being finalised but at the moment is:

  • played in 3 divisions (possible novice teams added for some matches)
  • head to head matches of 16 or 24 boards
  • on Saturdays evenings (though by agreement with the team captains can be played within 24 hours of the specified start time).

Provisional Schedule

Target Date/TimeCountyNo. of teamsBoardsNotes
12 Sep 5pm Hereford 1 1 0 16  
26 Sep, 3 Oct These week-ends are the virtual WOE congress
10 Oct 10am Manchester 1 1 1 24 Tms of 8
17 Oct 6pm Dorset 1 1 1 24  
31 Oct 7pm Somerset 1 2 2 24 As many tms as poss + novices
21 Nov 7pm East Wales 1 1 1 24  Tolle day
5 Dec 7pm Cornwall 1 1 1 24 Plus novices?

Devon v Hereford

A Team lost by 22 imps
Harry Anoyrkatis (Capt), Venetia Anoyrkatis, Peter Wood, Howard Kent-Webster
Harry has wriiten a report of the A team match.

B Team lost by 11 imps
Mike Hamon (Capt), Doug Dunn, Norman Botton, Ian Dalrymple 

Devon v Manchester

A Team
Gillian Fawcett (Capt), Joe Fawcett, Stefan Lindfors, Jim Grant, Warner Solomon, Ian Walsh, Harry Anoyrkatis, Sam Anoyrkatis

B Team
Brent Wormald (Capt), Alison Pollok, Carmen Ruiz-Castell, David Southcombe, Viv Mably, Richard Lingham, Roger Gowland, Stephen Rafferty

C Team
Neil Marsden (Capt), Linda Rafferty, Carol Ritzen, Richard Watkins, Paul Hide, Les Ellis, Julie Rochell, Mike Dixon