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March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Published on May 05, 2021

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held online on 31 Mar 2021

The meeting opened at 5pm.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (North) Jacqui Munns.
Apologies from Jean Harrison.

2. Previous Minutes

Minutes were accepted. Approved JM, seconded EN.
Matters arising – None.

3. Section Reports

North Section – had a meeting with bridge club secretaries and chairmen. A survey will be sent by secretaries to members with questions about online and f2f bridge.

There was good feedback from the North Devon Congress with £1,500 being raised by the online congress.

4. Online Sub-Committee

The previous online-bridge meeting minutes were distributed to the committee including:

  • An update on the vPairs: Invoicing started. With RealBridge planning to charge VAT.
    RE and DD to discuss the possibility of using Bridgewebs to log payments.
  • A summary for Western League Teams. Results are available on the DBA and North Devon website.
  • Devon Congress will be on RealBridge. Decision about insisting on convention cards was to recommend that pairs should have one available for opponents to see and to point out that those who do not have one will be more likely to be ruled against by Director.

5. Competitions

  • Entries for the Devon Congress are currently 57 Swiss Pairs and 26 Swiss Teams.
  • A Devon team has been entered for the Garden Cities Regional Final (RealBridge) on Sat 8th May.

6. Inter-County Teams

The final session of the Western League Spring Teams will be held on 17th April. The leader board shows Devon teams are near to the top in the 3 divisions.
JM offered to attend a meeting in May to discuss the next season of Western League where dates of matches will be scheduled and the format decided.

7. Charity Sims Events going forward

Thanks were given to Paul Ainsworth for all his work in creating Charity Sims events for the Devon Air Ambulance.  His review was distributed and discussed where he suggests the need for a DBA Sims director. Could some Sims be run under the Ecat umbrella? Directors could be paid to set up and coordinate charity Sims events. Absence of funds raised by raffle tickets was mentioned.

8. AGM

It was agreed to hold the AGM online via Zoom on 11 July. This will be followed by an online Swiss Teams.

Prior to the AGM DD suggested we talk about the roles of DBA committee members. We all agreed that the DBA is in need of new people to join the committee. If anyone reading this wants to come on board please be in contact.

7. AOB

EN – made it clear that if a club is in need of financial help, they should contact the DBA.

Meeting ended 6.08pm.

Next meetings

Date of next DBA meeting: Wed 28 April 2021, 5pm