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November 2020 Meeting Minutes

Published on Jan 07, 2021

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the DBA held online via Zoom on 25 November 2020.

The meeting opened at 5pm.

1. Present: (Chair) Geoff Clements; (Secretary) Doug Dunn; (North) Neil Marsden; (North) Elizabeth Nunn; (East) Jean Harrison; (online sub-committee) Jacqui Munns.
Apologies: Andrew Leslie.

2. Previous Minutes

Minutes were accepted. Approved JH, seconded GC.
Matters arising – see AOB.

3. Section Reports

North Section – North section are being more supportive to bridge teachers. There are now 3 teachers. The Barnstaple Congress is open for bookings planned to be run both Pairs and Swiss Trams on BBO.

South Section – report from Terence T highlights he is now the only committee member. It has been decided to no longer complete the South league 2019-20 and there is no South league this season 2020-2021. Members have agreed to donate the prize money to Air Ambulance fundraising. Regarding the DAA Charity Pairs, Paul Ainsworth to coordinate with the online bridge sub-committee.

East Section – Tim Barnes emailed to thank attendees of the Children in Needs Sims and to say £1000 was raised by the 2 sessions including £100 donated by club funds. The total put Exeter in the top half dozen most generous clubs in the country. Thank you Malcolm Boyack for directing and setting up the event successfully using RealBridge.   

4. Online Sub-Committee

Minutes for the previous meeting held on 12 November were distributed. Jean was thanked for her work in taking notes and distributing the minutes.

6. Competitions

The Devon Congress – Will be played online. The owner of the Livermead House Hotel accepted the situation and cancellation of the face-to-face event. Geoff C has booked the 2022 Congress at the same hotel on 8-10th April 2022.

Jean contacted the EBU to get clarification about entering for the Garden Cities in May, the Corwen in June and the Pachabo in June in 2021. The reply was announcements of these live events will be made 3 months before they are due to take place. JH to ask Charlie Bucknell for further information about the qualification for these events.

Devon came a creditable 12th out of 27 teams in the Tollemache qualifier on 21-22 November. Thank you Warner S for arranging and report on the DBA website.

7. Inter-County Teams

Thanks Andrew L for producing a proposal structure for inter-county matches to be arranged by the Western League. There were questions around how team selection would be made. More selectors may need to be brought on board. 

7. Any Other Business

– Jacqui M is in process of updating Rule Book. To be sent to Ruth E for publishing on DBA website. She recommended a further revision in the future to make the Rule Book an online readable document. 

Meeting ended 6pm.

9. Date of Next meeting

Wed 13 January 2021, 5pm via Zoom.