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Online DBA Events

To play in a DVBC Event

In order to play in any Devon Virtual Bridge Club (BBO name vEBU_DEV) event you need to:

  1. Join BBO and buy some BB$ (see instructions).
  2. Register as a DVBC member (DVBC membership form). See below if you have registered withing 24 hours of the event. Note that a club BBO registration is not transferrable.
  3. On the day of play, you and your partner should login to BBO, then select 'competitive' at least 15 minutes before start of play. One of you should then register for the session with your partner - follow the links for Virtual Clubs, then EBU England and search for DEV. The vEBU_DEV event will then be highlighted.

Please check your BBO name on this list (updated 17 November) before the first time you play. Email Terence ([email protected]) to correct your BBO name.

There have sometimes been problems with players being blocked by the BBO computer (especially those who register less than 24 hours before the event). If you are blocked by BBO and have enough BB$ then you must message the Director. To do this from the registration area of BBO, click on details to see details of the event, then click on vEBU_DEV. Phoning Terence or sending him an email will not work because only the Director can unblock the BBO computer. 

Regular online Devon games on BBO

When: Wednesdays at 7.15pm
Cost: BB$3
To Enter: Register with your partner on BBO at least 10 mins before the game.

DVBC run 18-board pairs games on BBO every week for BB$3. Most weeks will be normal pairs events with county (double) masterpoints. Exceptions will include Charity events for Devon Air Ambulance on Wednesday 28 October (BB$6 entry fee) and the EBU British Sim Pairs on October 7 (BB$5 entry fee).

Devon pairs events on Wednesdays are primarily for Devon members but we will accept EBU members from other counties. Charity events will also accept non-members of the EBU. Players may not enter with robot partners, but a robot pair may appear in order to avoid a sitout.

DVBC Charity Pairs (not simultaneous) for Devon Air Ambulance

When: Wednesday 28 October at 7.15pm
Cost: BB$6
To Enter: Register with your partner on BBO at least 10 mins before the game.

DVBC will be running a 18-board Charity pairs games on BBO Charity in aid of Devon Air Ambulance at 7.15 pm on Wednesdays 28 October. The Charity session will cost BB$6 of which about 50% will reach the charity after BBO and EBU costs. Please note that these are NOT simultaneous pairs events (i.e. not individual club sessions) and there will be no commentary. Unlike other DVBC event, non-members of the EBU will be welcome but still need to register for DVBC before 5 pm on 28 October (enter 88888888 as your EBU number). More information

North Devon Congress

This will be held online on 27-28 February - details.

Conditions of play in DVBC events on BBO

All BBO events are played with barometer scoring so that all tables play identical boards in each round and each session will be run by a non-playing Director.


DVBC sessions of 20 tables or fewer will be played as single winner Howell-type movements in 2-board rounds. For 20 tables or more there will be separate NS and EW ranking lists.

Time per round

Each board will be allowed 7 minutes. There is a clock top left which shows time remaining on a round. The instant time is up the cards are whipped away and you appear at another table. The computer will replay the hand up to where you stopped and then use software to play on and award an adjusted score and inform you. You only need to message the director if you don’t agree with or don’t get an adjustment.

Undos, robots, kibitzers

DVBC sessions do NOT allow undos, do NOT allow players to play with robot partners, do NOT allow kibitzers. But we still have so fill spare seats so that there are no sitouts, in which case BBO allows us to choose two robots instead of two random players. They play Standard American (5 card majors, strong no trump, 2 over 1). Best advice is to read the explanation of every bid. You can click the 3 bars to find their system card.

System Cards

Players are encouraged to create online system cards in their personal BBO information. This automatically loads when they play together and can be seen by clicking the 3 bars top left on the playing table. Players are permitted to refer to their own printed version during play. Laws of Bridge and EBU SkyBlue Book apply.


We would like to run our events with Devon non-playing directors. Anyone willing to help, or with any other suggestions, please contact Terence. ([email protected]).