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DBA Wednesday Evening Link

The Wednesday evening links are usually updated on Tuesdays. 

Wednesday 20 Octobber 2021 link

To play in a Devon RealBridge Event

In order to play in any Devon RealBridge event you need to register as a DVBC member (DVBC membership form). Note that a club RealBridge registration is not transferrable. Existing Devon BBO registrations have been transferred. 

Please note that registering for and playing in Club Realbridge sessions is conditional on members agreeing to pay for sessions when invoiced for them, or in any other way agreed with the club treasurer. Players registering for their partner will be responsible for ensuring their partner also respects these conditions.

We will try to accommodate latecomers and people without partners (log in for game, go to lobby and post a message asking if anyone else is free) but please do not leave it to the last minute as we need to finalise the movement before we start. 

For FAQ and guide to RealBridge

When you login for the first time please enter your name (Forename & Surname) and (in the ID Number field) your EBU Number (if you have one). This takes you to the lobby where you will see names of players in the lobby, and a table layout. Click on SIT at a table to sit there (opposite your partner if they got there first!)

For what happens at the table, go to RealBridge website https://realbridge.online/player-guide.html for player guide. Also click FAQs to check if your device is ok. Testing: Please use the link https://play.realbridge.online/camera.html to test your camera and microphone.

Conditions of play in DVBC events on RealBridge

All Realbridge events are played with barometer scoring so that all tables play identical boards in each round and each Devon session will be run by a non-playing Director.


DVBC sessions will be played as single winner Howell or arrow-switched Mitchell movements in 2-board rounds.

Time per round

Each board will be allowed 7 minutes. There is a clock which shows time remaining on a round. Sitouts can happen (no more robots).


Laws of Bridge and EBU SkyBlue Book apply.

System Cards

Please email your cards to [email protected] card with subject Devon to receive an online link that you can provide to your opponents at the table.


Anyone willing to help, or with any other suggestions, please contact Terence. ([email protected]).