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There are many simultaneous pairs events in the bridge calendar each year and the Devon Bridge Association has been running its own charity simultaneous pairs events since 2004.  These events have always supported local charities and from 2009 the chosen charity has been the  Devon Air Ambulance Trust.  This charity raises the funds to keep Devon's two Air Ambulances flying and its web site is;  links to their letter of thanks and certificate from the last event are included at the top of this page.
The events are open to all bridge clubs in Devon, large and small, affiliated and non-affiliated, and you do not need to be an expert to take part.  There are five separate events during the year, one on each day of the week to allow every club in Devon to join in at least once.  The hands are not specially selected and are truly random, generated using scientific random data; after each event a printed commentary on the hands and suggested Acol-style bidding is provided, and a full traveller list showing what happened at each club is shown from the next day on the DBA web site.
Each event is played at participating clubs as a normal club duplicate pairs session, plus a modest entry fee for the overall charity event itself.  After deducting essential operating costs and licence fee the balance of around 70% of the entry fees goes to the charity, plus all of the extra donations given by many clubs and players.


Planned dates for the 2020-21 season are:
Monday21st September 2020
Tuesday27th October 2020
Wednesday27th January 2021
Thursday4th March 2021
Friday23rd April 2021


For further information please contact:

Paul Ainsworth             email:  [email protected]
telephone:  01803 752846     (mobile:  07947 806110)