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Western League 22-23

The 2022/23 season of the Western League counties competition will start in September 2022. This competition involves eight counties: Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, East Wales, Herefordshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Devon will enter teams in each of the three divisions, A, B and C.

The 24-board matches will take place on RealBridge, see the table below for the dates - all matches are on a Saturday at 2pm.

If you would like to be considered for selection for this competition, please complete the form below before 28th August 2022, giving your partner's name and indicating in the free text box your availability, where known. Players can sign up multiple times with different partners.

Would you like to play for your county?

If you would like to play, please fill in and submit the form below by 28 August 2022.

Signed up:

  Date Players
1 11 Jul 2022 John Sandall, Ann Sandall
2 11 Jul 2022 Jim Grant, Stefan Lindfors
3 11 Jul 2022 Kathy Richardson, Nigel Richardson
4 12 Jul 2022 Douglas Dunn, Nigel Wain
5 12 Jul 2022 Ian Dalrymple , Norman Botton
6 13 Jul 2022 Elizabeth Timbrell, Lin Waddington
7 14 Jul 2022 Brent Wormald, Alison Pollok
8 14 Jul 2022 Stephen Rafferty , Roger Gowland
9 14 Jul 2022 Stephen Rafferty , Brent Wormald
10 16 Jul 2022 Terence Treeby , Dave Strawbridge
11 17 Jul 2022 Neil Marsden, Linda Rafferty
12 18 Jul 2022 Clare Hamon, Jill Dick
13 21 Jul 2022 Bill luscombe, George delafield
14 24 Jul 2022 Joe Fawcett, Gillian Fawcett
15 30 Jul 2022 Ian Walsh, Warner Solomon
16 4 Aug 2022 Jacqui Munns, Carol Ritzen
17 4 Aug 2022 David Hamon, Enid Hamon
18 5 Aug 2022 Dick Andrews, Gaynor Wiseman
19 9 Aug 2022 David Southcombe, Carmen Ruiz Castell
20 9 Aug 2022 David Southcombe, Carmen Ruiz Castell
21 15 Aug 2022 Jean Harrison, Paul Dickens

21 signed up.

Teams will appear in the table below once selected.

Many thanks to Warner Solomon & Stephen Rafferty for agreeing to continue as our selectors.

To see the results of the completed 2021-22 Western League click on the 'Western League 21-22' tab at the top of this page, or to see the final leaderboards on the EBU website click Div A, Div B, or Div C.

Date Opposition A Division Team Results B Division Team Results C Division Team Results
24th September 2022 Somerset            
5th November 2022 Dorset            
3rd December 2022 East Wales            
14th January 2023 Wiltshire            
4th February 2023 Cornwall            
11th March 2023 Herefordshire            
1st April 2023 Avon