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AGM 2022

Published on Aug 04, 2022

2 p.m. on Sunday 17 July 2022 online via Zoom conferencing
Draft minutes awaiting approval at the next AGM.

1. Present: (7 attended)
Doug Dunn (Secretary and acting Chairman), Neil Marsden (Treasurer), Jacqui Munns, Michael Hamon, Terence Treeby, Jeremy Child, Bill Luscombe.    
Apologies : Alex Maddocks, Alan Foan, Ann Slee, Jean Harrison, Carol Ritzen, Gretchen Danckwardt (Sidmouth BC), Anthony Wilkinson (West Hill), Elizabeth (Seaton and Axvale BC), Margaret McElwaine (Shaldon BC), Dave Strawbridge, Ruth Edmondson, Geoff Clements.

It was identified that, as per the DBA constitution, the AGM was not quorate. It was decided that we would go ahead with the meeting, but it was agreed that there could be no voting. It was also agreed that there would be a reconvened AGM in the near future.

2. Minutes
The minutes of the 2021 AGM were reviewed with no matters arising or issues identified.
This agenda item will be carried forward to the reconvened AGM when, if quorate, they can be accepted. 

3. Matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report

First can I thank those in the DBA committee who are probably taking on more than they signed up for - Jacqui Munns for managing the Western League and working with selectors Stephen Rafferty and Warner Solomon, Neil Marsden for stepping into the role of Treasurer and Jean Harrison for helping to set up the Directors courses, writing minutes, and for her online bridge teaching at the start of the Covid lockdown. Thank you Geoff Clements for chairing our online meetings for the past two years and for all you have contributed over the years. I am very happy to take on the role from you if elected.

Also, thanks to Ruth Edmonson for keeping the Devon website updated promptly and for making it easy to find information about our county events. Thank you Terence Treeby for supporting me as Secretary and for the Winter Pairs and many other events.

But we need more! Following this AGM, I intend to create a sub-committee for scheduling county competitions, applying for licences and informing members when they are happening.  I hope some of you will join us and take on a role. For example, to arrange this year’s Western Morning News teams knockout or taking bookings for the Devon Congress.

I think you'll agree Devon adapted well to the challenge of online bridge, especially for inter-county matches.  We’ve encouraged a wide range of players to participate, and Devon achieved first place in the Western League for both B and C Division Teams. There are also many online leagues, for example Nigel Richardson’s Eastern League in which I enjoy playing, and many around the county.  Also, online teaching has grown considerably and is encouraging younger players to the game.

So, what about encouraging club players who don't play in county competitions? What can clubs create for all of our membership? I really liked Sally’s 12 Weeks at Barnstaple Bridge Club where Sally Anoyrkatis’s fun events attracted new and improving players of all levels.

Another way to encourage more members might be for club scorers to display handicapped rankings adjusting for NGS ratings.  Golf clubs regularly use handicaps so why not bridge clubs?

Finally, I want to encourage face-to-face play.  Social interaction is important for health and well being and it can actually be fun, especially if we think beyond our individual results and ratings. Getting involved in club activities can also be fun as is welcoming new people to join and play our great game.

Douglas Dunn
DBA acting Chairma

5. Presentation of prizes
Jeremy Child read out the winners of the following trophies:

Devon Pairs (Julia Chadwick)
2022: Michael Hamon and John Vaughan
2021: Willie Hamilton and Peter Wood

Devon Teams (Western Morning News)
2020: Warner Solomon, Alex Maddocks, Stefan Lindfors, Jim Grant 
(achieving 4th and 13th place in Pachabo Cup).

Devon Teams-of-8
Terence Treeby, Magdalena Cisek, Michael Walsh, Michael Orriel
Alex Maddocks, George Triantafyllidis, Dave Strawbridge, Douglas Dunn

Garden City Finalists (2nd Place)
Alex Maddocks, Jack Pietrzycki, Dave Strawbridge, Douglas Dunn, Warner Solomon, Ian Walsh, Michael Walsh, Michael Orriel.

Western League 2021-2022
Devon finished 8th in A Division, 1st in B Division and 1st in C Division
Similar to 2019-20    6th, 1st,1st

Winter Pairs 2021-2022
Michael Orriel and Ann Slee

John Woolcott 2021-2022
Pairs:   Richard Lingham, Vivienne Mably
Teams: Ruth Edmondson, Brigid McElroy, Ann Slee, Mike Orriel

North Devon Congress
Pairs:  Sheila Ferguson, Eva Ferguson
Teams:  Ruth Edmondson, Brigid McElroy, Ann Slee, Alison Pollok

All results for 2021-2022 events are available on the DBA and EBU websites

6. Treasurer’s Report
Neil Marsden presented the accounts for 2021- 2022, and these are available to view on the DBA website. As mentioned in the notes on the right-hand side, the loss of £2254.87 is mainly the result of not holding the 2022 Devon Congress fund-raising event. All the expenditure is historically similar to what has been spent in previous years. Neil was grateful to Ruth Edmondson for her tips early on, which helped him get to grips with the accounting procedure. Many of the transactions were made online this year adding additional complications. Thanks were also given to Roger Gowland for checking the accounts and confirming they are an accurate record.

Comments were made following the Treasurer’s Report as to the importance of the Devon Congress for fund-raising and the need for finding a venue in Torquay if one is available.
A sub-committee may need to be formed to arrange the Devon Congress 2023. Congress dates were always arranged at the end of the previous year’s congress but the Covid pandemic has made it difficult to arrange these bookings. Another suggestion is for the committee to consider holding a one-day online green pointed congress instead.  A second blue pointed day was also suggested.

As the AGM was not quorate, voting to accept the Treasurer’s Report was not possible. This agenda item will be carried forward to the reconvened AGM when, if quorate, they can be accepted. JM will liaise with the EBU and see what they recommend.

Regarding the notes accompanying the accounts, it was suggested that the balances for each section’s accounts should be included for completeness. It was also suggested that we clarify with the EBU as to why, and for how long, the limit of one green-pointed online event per year will last. Mike H agreed to do this.

7. Election of of Chairman, vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
Election of Chairman, vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
Douglas Dunn  is a nominee as Chairman (proposed by Jean Harrison, seconded by Neil Marsden); Neil Marsden is nominee as Hon. Treasurer (proposed by Linda Rafferty, seconded by Roger Gowland). There is no nominee for Hon. Secretary. There is no nominee for Vice-Chairman. Note that any late offers for the missing posts will need to be co-opted onto the committee as nominations are now closed.

As the AGM was not quorate, these nominees were not elected at this time. Elections will be carried forward to the reconvened AGM with new nominations for Chair and Secretary.

8. The committee motion that P2P from April 2023 will remain unchanged at 4p; the club subscription will remain at zero and the Devon part of direct membership remains at £3.
As the AGM was not quorate, these proposals will be carried forward to the reconvened AGM

9. No other proposals

10. Any other business
A question was asked about information given at the last County Chair’s meeting regarding the numbers of members returning to bridge clubs compared to the pre-Covid pandemic levels. The chair said it is about 75%. But having checked the EBU website that figure includes online play. It was stated in the presentation:

'The number of player games in EBU clubs during April 2022 was 75% of those playing during the same month 2019. This year’s figure includes both f2f and online games.'

So, the level of face-to-face members would be well below 75% as suspected by several attendees at this AGM. (Minutes of the County Chair’s meetings are available at www.ebu.co.uk/minutes).  

Date for reconvened AGM
Agreed for Sunday 4th September at 2pm. (Subsequently changed Sunday 11th September at 2pm). 

Doug D thanked everyone for attending this meeting.    
The meeting closed at 3pm