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Laura Porro Seminar Hands

The hands (with Laura's comments) used in this week's seminars can be downloaded as pbn files. They can be used in 'play it again' software such as Bluechip, Jack or BBO.

Devon Congress 29-31 March 2019

Not long now until the Devon Congress at the Toorak hotel. Don't forget to put your entry in - use the links on the right for the brochure and on-line entry.

For those interested the plans for the Palace redevelopment are now available at http://palacehotelexhibition.co.uk 

WL Devon v Hereford 2018/19

The results of the match against Hereford on 16 March are:

A Team lost 2-18: Mike Walsh, Harry Anoyrkatis, Peter Bowles, Mike Orriel.
B Team lost 4-16: Carol Ritzen, Richard Carter, Roger Gowland, Stephen Rafferty.
C Team won 11-9: Peter Creswell, Tracey Fowler, Patrick Keeley, Sam McKibbin.

DBA Sim Pairs for Devon Air Ambulance – Thursday Event

The Thursday event in the DBA Simultaneous Pairs for Devon Air Ambulance competition series took place on 28 February and 12 clubs in Devon participated. There were 178 pairs taking part and the overall winners were Catherine and Malcolm Boyack, playing at Cullompton. The event raised £1,153.97 for Devon Air Ambulance – easily a new record for one of these events – and brings the total raised from the five events in the financial year to £3,894.19.

To see full details click on 'Devon Air Amb' in the results panel. The next event will be on Friday 10 May.

Peggy Bayer Trophy 2019

Congratulations to Sam and Theo Anoyrkatis for their outstanding England Under 21 performance on 15 to 17 February in the Peggy Bayer Camrose competition played in Belfast. The young England team won all their nine matches. Sam and his partner, Liz Gahan, were well ahead in the Butler rankings with Theo and his partner, Andy Cope, in second place ahead of the third England pair.

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