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About The Devon Bridge Association

The Devon Bridge Association is affiliated to the English Bridge Union and is run by a voluntary Committee. The DBA organises several events during the year, the major event being The Devon Congress. Devon is geographically very large and therefore split into four sections each with its own committee.

The views of clubs are represented through the EBU Regional and National Club Committees. Devon’s clubs elect a representative to the Regional Club Committee at the AGM in July. Individual views are represented at National level by Devon’s two Shareholders, instructed by the DBA committee.

At County level EBU members in Devon automatically become DBA members unless they nominate another county as their primary county of allegiance, in which case they may join DBA as secondary members.

The EBU is the national bridge organisation for England and as such represents the interests of players and clubs. The DBA promotes bridge and competitions for local players. Individual views at County level are represented at the four geographical sections whose committees are elected annually at Section AGMs. Each section nominates two representatives to the central DBA committee. The Chairman of the DBA as well as the vice-Chairman, the Hon Treasurer and the Hon Secretary are elected by the members at the AGM in July.

Within the county all out-of-club events which award master points have to be licensed by the DBA or the EBU. The DBA also organises its own congresses and competitions.

The Objectives of the Devon Bridge Association are:

  • To promote and assist in the development of Duplicate Bridge in the County.
  • To organise and / or manage all forms of duplicate bridge competition in the County.
  • To promote participation in County duplicate bridge events.
  • To promote the affiliation of Clubs to the County Association and EBU.
  • To maintain and enforce the decisions and rules of the EBU.
  • To assist members / affiliated clubs in dealings with the EBU.
  • To ensure that every member of the Association has equal access to the benefits of membership of the Association.